Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Food Makers and Preparers for the ONE & ONLY Arts & Craft Fair in Sandy Hill

Marc Lacelle, Chef Peter Evanchuck, Francois Bregha and Dallas Fletcher worked tirelessly on Sunday Nov.20, making and preparing food for our FREE BUFFET at Sandy Hill's ONE & ONLY ARTS & CRAFT FAIR.
The rain stopped just in time Sunday morning as we opened our doors to let the shoppers and the eaters in!!! It was a fun day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

ONE&ONLY ART & CRAFT FAIR hosts Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle

Wow, it's already that time of year again when Peter cooks like crazy for 4 days getting lots of wonderful food ready for our fabulous FAIR. 50 amazing vendors will sell their very beautiful and affordable work just in time for Christmas shopping.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Carmen & Helene

Carmen of Carmen's Veranda and Helene Lacelle stand in front of Helene's paintings in the main dining room of the restaurant, on the second level is the 'Jacques' exhibit, a retrospective of photos, letters and stories of Jacques and Helen's friendship.

Friday, September 30, 2011

THE JACQUES SHOW by helene Lacelle

~ Artist Helene Lacelle is having a show of her art and retrospective photographs of her close friend Jacques Couillard who was taken by brain cancer in February of 2010 - the show is dedicated to his memory and all his friends are invited to share those memories - at Carmen's Veranda, 1169 Bank Street, Ottawa from Oct.4 to Dec.31, 2011.

These photographs are snapshots of Jacques (and Helene) between 1977 and 1987, the college years, the dancing years, the traveling years, the shopping at Goodwill years, and the 'who the hell am I years'.

~ "It was impossible not to be affected by Jacques' sense of humor and desire to participate in fun"~

Please Join us for an evening of happy memories:

Opening reception: Tuesday, October 4, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, Carmen's Veranda, 1169 Bank St., Ottawa
Cash Bar, nibblies provided by Carmen.

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society in the memory of Jacques Couillard, will be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Bookmakers Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle dont just make books, they also cobble beautiful art and serious 'Garden Shrooms'. People came from all over the world to attend Toronto's #1 art event, the Queen West Art Crawl. With 250 art booths, 20 thousand visitors and tons of sunshine who could ask for anything better.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HOMELESS IN OTTAWA - new poetry book from JoJo "BIRDY' Walton

COMING SOON from Bookshandmade a new collection of poetry from Ottawa author JoJo'BIRDY'Walton, living on the edge of {everything}. One of Birdy's favorite saying is " Now that I've given up on fools, I have no friends".

Saturday, September 10, 2011


The curators at GOOP GALLERY take in the sights at ButtonMania and Fiber fest in Almonte.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Universe of ART EXCHANGE

GOOP gallery curators and Film Co-op members, HELENE LACELLE & PETER EVANCHUCK are on the move with their growing array of international 'MAIL ART' - GOOP is one of several 'mail art' galleries worldwide - the purpose is to promote a free exchange of art among all the artists of this planet and beyond if there are any artists in our wonderous universe - our openings not only shows this international 'mail art' but also provides all the info necessary for all the commnity to participate... welcome come on down!!..................read more

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New batch of 'THANK YOU' mail art going out!

Peter and Helene are sending out a fresh new batch of - ONE OF A KIND - mail art to all our fabulous contributors who sent us hand-made post cards over the last year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helene getting ready for QWAC in Toronto.

Helene is hard at work getting some art blocks ready for the 3 day ART/FUN bonanza in Toronto on Sept.16-18, 'Queen West Art Crawl' and also putting the finishing touches on a batch of Peter's scrumptious CHOCOLATE COVERED SUSHI ROLLS.

Friday, July 22, 2011

PRODUCER DIRECTOR CAMERAMAN Peter Evanchuck on the homeless doc.

It's not easy when u deal with reality - of course reality tv is about as real as disneyworld's characters - sorry kids but mickey mouse is not only in disneyworld but he's a metaphor for all reality shows - sad that so few want real reality like that found in real life but prefer the reality of non reality - sounds confusing, eh - here's our hats off to all potatoes who live life surfing on the couch - may ur potatoes not require peeling, may ur reality shows not be too real like involve you and may the mean streets of urban life not tackle u in the hind quareters ---now all of that philo stuff is to answer some questions about my movie on a homeless man in Toronto, Robert Payne. U see cinephiles and art-lovers, i can't locate him to finish the movie as planned in my intuitive head - i've known ROB's routine for many years and for some reason he's altered it dramatically, he's lost in the abyss of Shutter Island... i guess?? aNYoNE OUT THERE knoW HIM Where be HE?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


In our quest to see and feel life around us, like all good parents, the curators of GOOP took their bambinos (mailart collection) for a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyons.
Click HERE to see fabulous pictures of our
trip and MAIL AR
T collection.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

GOOP ON THE GO...........Montreal to the Maritimes!

From May to July, GOOP GALLERY curators, Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle continue their MAIL ART TOUR across Canada and the USA, promoting a selection of their original HAND-MADE mail art received from all over the world.

TOP : Montreal, Quebec.
MIDDLE: Tim Horton's in Trois Rivieres. art by Raymond Furlotte of Montreal
BOTTOM: Mazerolle Gallery in Fredericton New Brunswick

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The NEW ARTS FESTIVAL in Ottawa----Helene Lacelle

The sun shined the whole 2 days for the outdoor art fair in the Glebe this weekend, in Ottawa. It was busy like usual with happy people dying to get out of the house after the lousiest Spring on record.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

HELENE LACELLE at Starbucks on Elgin, Ottawa

Helene has opened her art vault and dusted off 15 years old collages made with very large images from Interview magazines. The'models' look tired, sloppy and worn-out thanks to Lacelle's messy hair and make-up stylings. Collages tell an interesting story, really.

Show dates: May 22 to June 30
location: Starbucks, 326 Elgin st, Ottawa

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ed/pub/bookmakers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle invite u to take a peek

yes take a peek of ROB PAYNE's poetry on our site - ROB would like to deal directly with inquiries so we've included his email address on his page on our site (bookshandmade.com) for all to contact him. ROB has been homeless living in an alley just off Queen street west for 4 years in the Homeless Capital of Canada, Toronto.

He's established an outstanding name for himself both with his street poetry (he's been self publishing using library copy machines for years; as well, he's been a volunteer at THE MEETING PLACE on Queen at Bathurst. His community efforts also include working on The Street Post, a 'zine that was a voice for the homeless.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

curators EVANCHUCK & LACELLE take mail ART on the road go east ART go east to end of CANANDA

well after a bit of a winter hibernation the GOOP bears i.e. curators Peter evanchuck and Helene lacelle have come out and about - with a host of new mail art from around the world including the Ukraine, Thailand, Russia, USA, Canada, etc they are showing it to the rest of Canada with enocouragment to other artists to participate in this international free mail art exchange

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ed/pub/bookmakers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle invite u to take a peek

yes we published three new books recently and we'd like u to take a peek - today at Timothy's we'll have a small display then in Montreal end of week we go retail - more details to follow.

THE BABY BAKERY (children's book) is doing fine, GENTLE BEAU (comic strip) ok sliding along HOMELESS in TORONTO is moving slowly - poetry it seems is not a popular genre for modern Canadians mmmmmmmmmmmm

contact us at : bookshandmade@yahoo.ca for more info

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GENTLE BEAU - a book of funnies!

YEA! it's finally here. Gentle beau is for sale on our WEBSITE or in our shop at ETSY. Not only do you deserve a break today but you also deserve to laugh today. Gentle Beau delivers a sweet alternative to facebooking with your 900 BBF or twittering details of your bus ride home. Put your goddam cell phone down for a minute and check out this book.

Monday, April 11, 2011

THE BABY BAKERY by Natania Abebe

Hello to all out there in book world -

bookshandmade ed/pub/deisgners/bookmakers, Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle have completed and are making ready for sale 3 new books.

THE BABY BAKERY is a charming children's story written by Natania Abebe with some fine illustrations by Joshua Fulmore.

This is a handmade book which means that each copy is unique and a collectors piece of original art lovingly designed and made by Evanchuck and Lacelle using the Japanese hand stitching method which is a very durable binding method.

We hope all will enjoy this special children's book.

Friday, April 8, 2011

ed/pub/designers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle begin distribution/sales of new books

yes folks we have created three bookshandmade: THE BABY BAKERY, HOMELESS in TORONTO, and GENTLE BEAU - these three books cover a wide range of interests: 1)THE BABY BAKERY is for kids and tells a gentle story/pics about how babies are 'baked' from love 2)HOMELESS in TORONTO is the poetry of a homeless man who's been stuggling on the streets of Toronto for years 3) GENTLE BEAU is a oddball humour comic book unlike others u've seen.

All these handmade books are unique and since they are hand made no two are really alike - the purchaser may have a book personally noted with their name or the name of the person they would like to 'gift' it to with the date included. This makes for a very personal and private one-of-a-kind GIFT

we are now placing the books into distribution slowly THE BABY BAKERY and GENTLE BEAU will be available NOW yes NOW.

Friday, March 18, 2011

ed/pub/designers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle working away after a winter's hibernation

HOwdy Ya'll, well were back at it with THE BABY BAKERY this kid's story by high school student Natania Abebe complimented by the fine illustrations of Joshua Fulmore. Gentle Beau by Helene Lacelle will hit the bookshelves by April1, 2011! Both books will be in distribution shortly.

Filmmaker Peter Evanchuck and Robert Payne

In making docs, I do not believe in wandering into a scene/story/subject without having gone through it myself for a reasonably long period of time; otherwise, one can be fooled into making something 'not real'. An example of that is my recent project, now 'in the can' called THE DECLINE, FALL and RISE of PAYNE which traces the life of Robert Payne over a period of a couple of winters. I've known ROB for over a decade and have had a long term friendship with him. He's been an actor in my previous fiction films as well as in my theatre pieces. In other words, I've known him through thick and thin, ups and downs so he can't pretend some things that he's not - for all of us who really have experienced our subject, the truth is not only 'out there' but 'in there' i.e. in the doc. ...........(read more)

Monday, March 7, 2011

publisher Peter Evanchuck/Helene Lacelle are moving forward pronto tonto

OK we've resolved most of the computer problems; so, i'm designing/laying out/etc. the book containing the work of Natania Abebe's BABY BAKERY - now looking for the ideal paper to print these two books on - a more precise task that one might think since we are a very small publishing empire we have to be into 'smart publishing'. H. is working away on her comic book: GENTLE BEAU ..... slowly but surely these will be out soon before end of month is the plan - but plans are plans... ok all the best to our loyal supporters....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Disaster strikes bookshandmade computers .... yikees!

Yes we have serious computer issues to resolve - so please be patient as we figure out the issues involved and resolve them asap... ahhhhh Computer World can be a pain.

p.s. to our loyal friends/customers/writers please bear with us as we resolve out computer problems and get up and at it soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

THE BABY BAKERY by Natania Abebe

Coming soon from BOOKSHANDMADE a new delightful kids book by Natania Abebe.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Editor/Publishers Peter EVANCHUCK & Helene LACELLE are now awake and working more

HELLO good people, Well we were laying low while cancer tests were ongoing - now that's laid to rest and it seems, although i'm living with cancer, it has not spread so we can get back at our publishing empire and movie making... sooooooooo stay tuned we will have several new titles coming out before Spring or at least before Summer - all the best... and best is all

Saturday, February 26, 2011

publishers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle hibernating

Well, it seems hibernation is part of the Canadian way during these severe winter nights - Like those bears, squirrels and other sleepy warm blooded creatures, we've been taking a break from publishing; instead, we've been working away on completing a documentary on homelessness that's taking our talents and energy. It's now winding down so we're back to publishing and have several new books coming out soon THE BABY BAKERY a sweet tale for children, THE DECLINE, FALL & RISE of PAYNE poetry and thoughts from a homeless Toronto poet, HOW INJUN JOE KILLED MARY MOTHER OF GOD a novella of real events on the mean streets of Canada

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hung my new show up at the GREEN DOOR RESTAURANT, 198 Main St. Ottawa, with the gracious help of my friend Joan Alexander who took the #16 bus at 6:30 am to come and help me.
I'm showing abstracts paintings I painted 8 years ago that I never framed or exposed anywhere. The restaurant has tons of wall space , on the south wall, (photo above) I hung a batch of original collages on wood. I brought lots of my popular framed folk art prints too. There's really lots to see! Come on down and enjoy a wonderful vegetarian meal while you're here! Show runs from Jan.4 to Feb.5

Jan.4 to Feb.5