Monday, April 11, 2011

THE BABY BAKERY by Natania Abebe

Hello to all out there in book world -

bookshandmade ed/pub/deisgners/bookmakers, Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle have completed and are making ready for sale 3 new books.

THE BABY BAKERY is a charming children's story written by Natania Abebe with some fine illustrations by Joshua Fulmore.

This is a handmade book which means that each copy is unique and a collectors piece of original art lovingly designed and made by Evanchuck and Lacelle using the Japanese hand stitching method which is a very durable binding method.

We hope all will enjoy this special children's book.

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bookshandmade said...

a lovely book great for kids of all ages - great for teachers to read to kids and discuss the meaning of family and love.