Monday, December 14, 2009

HELENE LACELLE new art openings in Jan2010

Hello art folks, Helene will have two art openings in Jan. 2010 - first THE GREEN DOOR from Jan 6th to Feb 5th, on Main & STARBUCKS on Bank in Ottawa south Jan & Feb. - Drop on by and check out her NEW amazingly unique art - prices modest and all are 'picture perfect' -

MMMMMMMMM and for u MAIL ART lovers and likers, there will be a modest mail art display showing mail art from around the world - this amazingly 'new' almost, form of artist to artist exchange (NO money exchanges hands just artists showing other artists their work in a postcard size - check it out!)

NO Christmas EVe Brunch Peter Evanchuck has cancer issues

Hello and merry Christmas to one and all, sad to say we have to cancel this year's Christmas Eve Brunch since Peter has cancer issues that prevent him from producing all that great & friendly food he put out last year. and with a dozen helpers serving over 300 community members.

But Peter will be back next year and hopefully, well enough to be able to host/produce the Xmas Brunch.

In 2009 Peter was honoured with 'volunteer of the year' award for his originating, organizing, producing and cooking for the Christmas Eve Brunch.

Also, Peter put out a great spread for the ONE&ONLY Fair end of November many thanks to him and his helpers in making the ONE&ONLY fair 2009 a great success.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peter Evanchuck would like info on Chas GD Roberts

Hello to one and all, I"m slowly working a book (cancer has slowed me down ) about the Father of Cdn. Poetry - Chas GD Roberts so would like any and all info anyone might have about him. Please contact me via e mail at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca and thanks

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Helene Lacelle and her comix GENTLE BEAU

heleneLACELLE is working away on her comix book GENTLE BEAU and hopes to have the first copies out in a week or so - these tales of her odd and unique humour trace the modern life of a creature she created called GENTLE BEAU a high heeled, hip observer of the modern scene - a fashionista before the 'ista' - out soon stay tuned;

ONE + ONLY 2009 craft sale

What a terrific turn out for our ONE + ONLY
craft fair! The selection and quality of handmade items
by the vendors was outstanding!
Peter the chef cooked and laughed and flapped his apron
and kept the food coming all day.
Nobody went home hungry or empty handed!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Next weekend is our ONE+ ONLY CRAFT FAIR at
the Sandy Hill community Center, 250 Somerset East.
If you're hungry for art and free food this is
the place to come.
Yes that's right you heard me right,
FREE FOOD and beverages provided by CHEF Pierre Evanchuck,
so you can eat while you shop and chat with vendors and neighbors.
60 of the best artisans from the region
have gathered together for one day only
to sell their hand-made one of a kind creations.
Come experience FUN + FOOD!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

WINDSOR PARK customers SWEET SWEET Emma and Molly

Or is it Molly + Emma? The two cutest twins at the Windsor Art park show/sale came by my booth - i asked them to pick out any two pieces of my art they liked and gave it to them.

Windsor Park awashed in sunshine !

Windsor Park off Riverdale St. in Old Ottawa South
is a smallish sized park with lots of huge trees.
So when we arrived this morning and began
setting up for the art show, with the temperature
around 7 c. we all waited with excitement for the
sun to peek over the trees.
At 10am sharp, a very smooth Jazz quartet
got the whole show rolling followed by quirky
folk singers and west coast grunge. Please, easy on
the music next year!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NEON MATISSE aka Helene Lacelle at WINDSOR PARK art show/sale

This Sunday the 19thSept , HELENE will be among a huge community group of fine crafters and artists at Ottawa South's Windsor Park for the annual art show and sale - from 9 to 6p.m. all welcome to look and see and buy stuff... of unique one of a kind crafts and art pieces.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GOOP mail art goes on at the LanternaGallery

howdy folks, GOOP gallery will have a showing open to all in the lanterna gallery located in the rear of 19 hurdman on the back patio - come on down!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NEON MATISSE continues at Tim's Gallery

NEON MATISSE aka hELENE LACELLE'S art work extending showing at Timothy's Cafe and Gallery, 234 Laurier east in sunny sandy hill to 07Sept - come on down and view some really fine art work.

Friday, August 21, 2009

NEW BOOK........O T T A W A.......UNIQUE



a traveller's guide to the odd, the curious, the beautiful of Canada's capital

Yes we want 2 page submissions from one and all who have a hidden gem, an unknown or unusual place to show the world traveler that Ottawa, the nation’s capital, has more unique and adventurous places to visit than those familiar museums, art galleries and parliament buildings. We want this book to have the good,bad,ugly of Ottawa. Ottawa with its pants down, the closets open, heart on it's sleeve - let the journey begin!


Page One: It be some form of explanation in text/graphics for the traveler/visitor to understand the significance/history/herstory of your ‘hidden gem’ ‘unique spot to see’ and location’

Page Two: submit a pic, sketch, drawing of ur submission (see examples below - jpeg min300dpi)

FINAL BOOK SIZE 81/2”by51/2”–deadline summer2010

For more info contact bookshandmade@yahoo.ca

OR click here for more details

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Making the patio look inviting for the next writer's
gathering at BOOKSHANDMADE.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Saturday another NEONMATISSE SHOW

ECOLOGICAL OTTAWA held it's summer offerings at Minto Park
today. It was all about art and recycling! I snapped up a
nice spot under a big elm and stayed cool in the 40 c. heat.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


MAIL ART GALORE @ TIMOTHY's Cafe in Sandy Hill on Laurier

MAIL ART GALORE All welcome to view MAIL ART GALORE - The gallery of MAIL ART showing 01August to end of month at TIMOTHY's Cafe, 234 Laurier East in Sandy Hill all day every day. MAIL ART is something relatively new to the art scene and the first time the community can view this novel art form. It is Global in scope and ideas that represent the world of artist and art - sent via Snail Mail around the world. Each piece is original and unique represent the artist and their special culture. Come on down see for urself. Contact: Helene Lacelle aka Neon Matisse or Peter Evanchuck at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca

My digital composites of vintage images with my folk art paintings fill up the front walls.

Part 2 of my all summer long show at Timothy's Cafe/Gallery went up this morning with the help of my curator pal Maria von Finckenstein. My resin collages and mosaics cover the north and south walls on the Cafe.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sitting by my framed folk art prints at Timothy's Cafe/Gallery
234 Laurier St. East in Sandy Hill,
runs until the end of July.
Stay tuned for the next show at Timothy's,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Helene Lacelle at Urban Art show/sale, Ottawa's Minto Park

I woke up Saturday at 6a.m. getting ready to set up for the art show/sale at Minto Park on Elgin Street to pouring rain. Most artists showed up by 9a.m. The rain slowly ended over the morning . The rain did stop but weird dark clouds hovered above to be quickly
replaced by beautiful blue sky. Then black skies again. Ok enough about the weather already, the day turned out to be fun. Unfortunately, Elgin Street is not a great area for an outdoor art show. Seems few buyers show up; sales were modest but good to chat with the other crafters and artists and catch up on their art activities. Many thanks to Tim and Katie for trying to make a go of it. Here I am admiring Peter's mushrooms! Peter still having cancer issues thus, will not be hosting his August Writer's Gathering

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

upcoming in August at Timothy's Gallery Cafe MAIL ART

Yes folks MAIL ART from around this planet. GOOP GALERY (Gallery of Ornamental Posts) will be showing this unique form of modern art at TIMOTHY's CAFE 234 Laurier Street in Ottawa's Sandy Hill as part of the GOOP GALLERY's COLLECTION sharing of this art form with the general public. Show is starting in 01August and running to end of month. These are unique and fascinating pieces of art sent by post from around the world to GOOP Gallery and this will be the first 'travelling exhibition'. ALL WELCOME to this community event. All interested in more info may contact HELENE LACELLE at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca (Next public showing will be at CUPOPEDIA on the Main also sometime in August or September)

URBANART/craft SHOW/SALE this Saturday, Ottawa

HELENE LACELLE will be at the URBAN ART festival on Elgin Street, Ottawa with her art blocks this Saturday 19July09 - all welcome to come and see the fine art at this festival and perhaps bring their wallets to buy some nice, unique, original colourful art to enhance their homes. All welcome and it's FREE to enter and walk around and enjoy the fine weather

Friday, July 3, 2009


'FOLK ART FOR THE FOLKS' opens at Timothy's Cafe 234 Laurier east in sunny sandy hill today until end of month by NEON MATISSE aka HELENE LACELLE - all welcome to view some really funky, fine, frolicking art for all FOLKS so come on down and give it ur best smiles...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Peter Evanchuck unable to host writer's gathering 05July09 CANCER ISSUES

Peter Evanchuck unable to host writer's gathering CANCER ISSUES

Sorry writer's but Peter is unable to attend/host the 05JULY09 Writer's Gathering due to cancer issues/tests/etc. - keep tuned for next session, thanks..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Writer'sGathering 07June hosted by Peter Evanchuck

PLEASE NOTE: due to cancer isues, Peter will be unable
to host the JULY 05 ' Writer's Gathering'.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Art in the Park in the Glebe is actually called 'the New Art's Festival' now. I love coming to this show. It's my favorite 2 days of the year. I love the anticipation while every one is setting up their tents, we all hope for sunshine! And sunshine we got! The weekend went by in a blur. I think this might have been the best turn-out ever. Next thing you know I'm taking down my tent and it's time to go home.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


The next 'Writer's Gathering will be June 7 at 6pm
at LA MAISON in Sandy Hill, corner King Edward +

Homage to Louise Bourgeois's ' Maman'.

Also on thursday Night, we walked over to BLINK Gallery,
the old potting shed in Major Hill's Park to catch it's 2009 grand opening.
The collective of 9 artist loosely themed their
work on Louise Bourgeois' 'Maman', the giant spider
outside the National Gallery of Canada.

Aphrodite experiencing a fashion malfunction.

Thursday night, May 28 brought us to the opening of Geraldine Petit-Gras,
a 3rd year student at the Ottawa School of Arts. Her tiny 8" sculptures of
Aphrodite packed a punch, 'what would Aphrodite see or be like if she
came out of the waters today?'

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lakeside Gardens - Britannia Beach

I was in Britannia Beach last weekend selling my little ART blocks at a fundraiser
for the Hearing Impaired Society. It was an interesting show for sure.

Monday, May 25, 2009

bi annual cancer tests sorry for delays/etc. for Peter

Peter's been going in for bi-annual cancer checkups - then the big one where Peter will have to go off meds and go crazy for a couple months as his system withdraws from mood altering thyroid hormones - last time was a nightmare - keep ur fingers crossed and ur toes for PETER's safe report.... not ready to go to the big bookstore in the sky yet...too much to do in this lovely world - for those who's books & requests have been delayed we thank you for ur patience - Peter's hoping he'll be ok to continue with the free community 'Writer's Gathering' that he originated and hosts first Sunday of the month - the next one is 07June - all welcome : HELEN & PETER.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peter Evanchuck: Volunteer of the year AWARD

Peter was recognized last Tuesday night at the Sandy Hill Community
Centre by ASH for his contribution in the community as
one of the Volunteer of the Year!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GOOP mail art

We have a new blog called GOOPMAILART . People from all around the world send us ART MAIL and we then put the MAIL ART up in our designated art Gallery in our home.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sandy Hill garage sale

The morning started out sunny and warm but by 11 am it was drizzling
and getting cooler. Plenty of time though to get some much needed stuff like
this bag of old jewelry. Joanne an ASH volunteer, who's sporting classic
plastic sunglasses and a jaunty straw hat from Value Village has been manning the costume jewelry table now for years!

Sandy Hill food CO-OP 5th anniversary.

Oh what fun it is to drink organic mango juice and sell your craft out side on a beautiful Saturday morning. The food coop in Sandy Hill held it's 5th anniversary and was celebrated with a superb all you can eat organic bbq, face painting for the kids and live music.

Friday, May 1, 2009

WRITER's GATHERING host Peter Evanchuck 03MAY Sunday

WRITER's GATHERING hosted by Peter Evanchuck this Sunday 03May ALL WELCOME to come and join a small group of writer's to read/show their work or work in progress for ideas, suggestions by a group of interesting, smart and involved writers who will encourage and help the writer to move forward on their writing. COME ON DOWN - a great COMMUNITY EVENT.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Helene visits Maria during the craft fair at the Experimental Farm on Saturday April the 25. Lot's of yummy baked goods and hand-made stuff for the people by the people. Ya sure the picture is a bit fuzzy, but dont worry about it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Gathering of Writer's

The boys met at LA MAISON on the corner of King Edward + Somerset last Sunday night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another installment of 'The Writer's Gathering' hosted by Peter Evanchuck will meet this Sunday night APRIL 5, 09 6:pm.

Another installment of 'The Writer's Gathering' will meet this Sunday night APRIL 5, 09 6:pm. at La Maison / The House restaurant at the corner of King Edward + Somerset hosted as usual by Peter Evanchuck

Saturday, March 7, 2009

GOOP GALLERY send us your mail art!

GOOP Gallery (Gallery Of Ornamental Post) just opened in the ancient Tuscan spa above our mini-ballroom. Calling all artists who wish to have their MAIL ART displayed. Your postcard or maybe your sweet watercolor will hang alongside tiled floors + mosaic-ed walls once populated by greek gods, roman philosophers + crackpots. Send your mail here: GOOP 19 Hurdman rd, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, K1N 8N7.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Book + Art Fairs Just around the corner!

Ah Spring is in the air and that means our Book + Art fairs
are sure to follow. Helene in Windsor Park last September
selling her art stuff.

Collapsed remains of GD Roberts House

From Douglas NB, Charles GD Roberts attended UNB, grew up in Sackville, NB then spend his later years in Toronto and New York.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sandy HIll's Writer's Gathering

Writer's Gathering 'the rectangular table' - a once monthly gathering of community writers hosted by Peter Evanchuck, held at La Maison/ The House restaurant/pub in Ottawa's Sandy Hill - a fun, smart, committed group of writer's meet to read work's in progress for imput, encouragement, ideas. ALL WELCOME. contact Peter Evanchuck at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca for more info.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Writer's Gathering Sunday host Peter Evanchuck March 1, 6pm

Gather + Discuss your writing....

FIRST YEAR PUBLISHING Celebration end of MARCH, we hope

We're hoping to have our first year publishing celebration for bookshandmade the end of March - sorry for delays, cancer illness, other problems/adventures, etc. caused delays but Peter Evanchuck has finally finished the Ditties and Helene Lacelle has finally completed the illustrations for our next book of Kiddee's-Dittees called CAT BEGAT (first one was GNAT BEGAT which was our first published book.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ECO-FAIR Ottawa University

Hey, all my ECO-Pals turned up for the Ottawa University Eco Fair on Wed. Feb 25. We set up our original, creative -re-cycled crafts for a one day sale in the Uni-Centre . Sales were brisk and fun was had by all. Free food was provided by 'The Republic of Delicious'. They served super tasty, vegetarian food which is FREE every Wednesday from noon to end of food about 45 minutes down by the agora - all welcome.
from L to R: Vaishali Chouhan of Eco-Equitable, Michelle Potter, Baby, Helene Lacelle (sitting down), Maria von Finckenstein (peeking in the back), Morgana Leblanc of Eclection on the market + Emma owner of Adorit at 159 York Street.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HELP - Chas GD Roberts - Peter Evanchuck needs info

Hello out there: I'm doing research on Chas GD Roberts for an upcoming book on his life, times and work. Anyone out there who has knowledge of this, please contact me asap and thanks. Peter Evanchuck bookshandmade@yahoo.ca

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


BRING UR WORK IN PROGRESS - SMALL, informal, GET TOGETHER OF INTERESTED, SMART, INVOLVED WRITERS TO MEET FIRST SUNDAY OF MONTH in SANDY HILL, OTTAWA at 6p.m for a couple hours - to read/present their 'work in progress' for some fine feedback from us... contact Peter Evanchuck for more info at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca