Friday, August 27, 2010

Preppin' for WINDSOR PARK art show/sale mid Sept.

HELENE LACELLE is working away as usual in her never ending, energy quest to complete her 'art blocks' for the upcoming WINDSOR PARK art show and sale Sept.18-19 in beautiful Ottawa south adjacent to the colourful Rideau River where swans swim all day and never is heard a discouraging babble from that hot air house on the Hill.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


team players: Chef Peter Evanchuck and entrepreneur/creative businessmasn, Nelson Adams, got together to create from Nelson's idea of making a 'chocolate covered, chewy, sushi roll' fill it with various healthy cancer fighting anti oxidants then make it tasty and delectable with nuts, dried fruits like cranberries, various seeds, seaweeds and sweeted with honey,make it smooth and chewy with freshly squeezed peanut butter and cover it all in a dark, delicious chocolate and you have an extraordinary sushi roll treat or as ther are called ADAMS TASTY, TREATments - Yummy Tummy Time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Robert Payne and Peter Evanchuck are documenting the Mean Streets of Homelessnes

It's TORONTO; it's winter the snow is flying and Robert Payne is finding refuge in his alley home sweet the cold brick walls are lined with his words, his thoughts on life sober and otherwise, bits of his life are scattered here and there: shaving lotion, playing cards, a magazine, a street 'zine that he publishes, a well-used sleeping bag, a old pair of boots, some socks a couple cans and heaped and steeped are the usual crap that fills alleys - this is the life of |Toronto's homeless and Peter Evanchuck is helping Robert Payne document it for the world to see.... how Canada treats those who fall on hard times........

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peter Evanchuck looking for research on Chas. GD Roberts

Hello out there would love to read/get some interesting stuff on the 'Father of Cdn Poetry' Chas. GD Roberts, a native of NB who originated the 'animal story' writing about his loved NB province and the Tantramar Marshlands near Sackville NB where he lived for several years. PLease contact Prof. Peter Evanchuck at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca