Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sandy Hill's ONE & ONLY arts/crafts/design Fair

Salute! from Chef Peter Evanchuck surrounded by his kitchen volunteers - together they served 100's of people with their fabulous varied buffet including - Lasagna, Scalloped Fish Cakes, Chili, Samosas, Thai Spring Rolls, Perrogies, Basmati Rice with Halal Chicken and LOTS MORE...

City Counsellor Mathieu Fleury, Helene Lacelle & Chef Peter Evanchuck - smiles all around for another great show!


Peter Evanchuck on location in New Brunswick photographing one of the many Abandoned Homes used for his next exhibition


Combining the realism of PETER EVANCHUCK'S images with the marvelous art interpretation

of HELENE LACELLE the Abandoned Houses of Canada's Maritime Provinces present the first in an eventual Canada Wide series of shows and exhibitions.

These images select what the creators saw that would present the 'dramatic feel' of the creation; thus, the documentation of the abandonment becomes a dramatic exploration.

This is a first presentation of an ongoing development of a style we call  


Viewing at 3 locations:

Ottawa School of Art - 35 George St. - until Dec. 20

Life of Pie - ( Art in the LOO - not the LOUVRE! ) - 1134 Bank St. - on going  
Timothy's Cafe - 234 Laurier East - until Jan 2016

Thursday, March 5, 2015


The HERMIT lives by the Rideau River in the woods along the other side of the path away from the river.

For Almost a decade he's lived rough and tough alone and independent - never comes into town except when he's so hungry; he either chooses to starve or head out to St Joe's, The Shepherd's or the Mission for something to put into his stomach to live another few days his hermit life in the woods along the Rideau in downtown Ottawa.

Although he never spoke in words, he spoke in writings. He started to leave these pencil and pen thoughts in my mailbox and sometimes I'd return those thoughts with mine for him to pick up.

Then I never saw him. Days passed into other days and I never saw him so I wandered into the woods. Here I discovered his 'IGLOO' falling apart. Inside I found papers scattered with scrawls of pencils marks on some and on others writings of all sorts that revealed his feelings of life and his surroundings - this book contains some of those writings - I cal them THE HERMIT WRITINGS.