Sunday, May 22, 2011

HELENE LACELLE at Starbucks on Elgin, Ottawa

Helene has opened her art vault and dusted off 15 years old collages made with very large images from Interview magazines. The'models' look tired, sloppy and worn-out thanks to Lacelle's messy hair and make-up stylings. Collages tell an interesting story, really.

Show dates: May 22 to June 30
location: Starbucks, 326 Elgin st, Ottawa

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ed/pub/bookmakers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle invite u to take a peek

yes take a peek of ROB PAYNE's poetry on our site - ROB would like to deal directly with inquiries so we've included his email address on his page on our site (bookshandmade.com) for all to contact him. ROB has been homeless living in an alley just off Queen street west for 4 years in the Homeless Capital of Canada, Toronto.

He's established an outstanding name for himself both with his street poetry (he's been self publishing using library copy machines for years; as well, he's been a volunteer at THE MEETING PLACE on Queen at Bathurst. His community efforts also include working on The Street Post, a 'zine that was a voice for the homeless.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

curators EVANCHUCK & LACELLE take mail ART on the road go east ART go east to end of CANANDA

well after a bit of a winter hibernation the GOOP bears i.e. curators Peter evanchuck and Helene lacelle have come out and about - with a host of new mail art from around the world including the Ukraine, Thailand, Russia, USA, Canada, etc they are showing it to the rest of Canada with enocouragment to other artists to participate in this international free mail art exchange

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ed/pub/bookmakers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle invite u to take a peek

yes we published three new books recently and we'd like u to take a peek - today at Timothy's we'll have a small display then in Montreal end of week we go retail - more details to follow.

THE BABY BAKERY (children's book) is doing fine, GENTLE BEAU (comic strip) ok sliding along HOMELESS in TORONTO is moving slowly - poetry it seems is not a popular genre for modern Canadians mmmmmmmmmmmm

contact us at : bookshandmade@yahoo.ca for more info