Friday, April 8, 2011

ed/pub/designers Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle begin distribution/sales of new books

yes folks we have created three bookshandmade: THE BABY BAKERY, HOMELESS in TORONTO, and GENTLE BEAU - these three books cover a wide range of interests: 1)THE BABY BAKERY is for kids and tells a gentle story/pics about how babies are 'baked' from love 2)HOMELESS in TORONTO is the poetry of a homeless man who's been stuggling on the streets of Toronto for years 3) GENTLE BEAU is a oddball humour comic book unlike others u've seen.

All these handmade books are unique and since they are hand made no two are really alike - the purchaser may have a book personally noted with their name or the name of the person they would like to 'gift' it to with the date included. This makes for a very personal and private one-of-a-kind GIFT

we are now placing the books into distribution slowly THE BABY BAKERY and GENTLE BEAU will be available NOW yes NOW.

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