Friday, July 22, 2011

PRODUCER DIRECTOR CAMERAMAN Peter Evanchuck on the homeless doc.

It's not easy when u deal with reality - of course reality tv is about as real as disneyworld's characters - sorry kids but mickey mouse is not only in disneyworld but he's a metaphor for all reality shows - sad that so few want real reality like that found in real life but prefer the reality of non reality - sounds confusing, eh - here's our hats off to all potatoes who live life surfing on the couch - may ur potatoes not require peeling, may ur reality shows not be too real like involve you and may the mean streets of urban life not tackle u in the hind quareters ---now all of that philo stuff is to answer some questions about my movie on a homeless man in Toronto, Robert Payne. U see cinephiles and art-lovers, i can't locate him to finish the movie as planned in my intuitive head - i've known ROB's routine for many years and for some reason he's altered it dramatically, he's lost in the abyss of Shutter Island... i guess?? aNYoNE OUT THERE knoW HIM Where be HE?

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