Friday, August 21, 2009

NEW BOOK........O T T A W A.......UNIQUE



a traveller's guide to the odd, the curious, the beautiful of Canada's capital

Yes we want 2 page submissions from one and all who have a hidden gem, an unknown or unusual place to show the world traveler that Ottawa, the nation’s capital, has more unique and adventurous places to visit than those familiar museums, art galleries and parliament buildings. We want this book to have the good,bad,ugly of Ottawa. Ottawa with its pants down, the closets open, heart on it's sleeve - let the journey begin!


Page One: It be some form of explanation in text/graphics for the traveler/visitor to understand the significance/history/herstory of your ‘hidden gem’ ‘unique spot to see’ and location’

Page Two: submit a pic, sketch, drawing of ur submission (see examples below - jpeg min300dpi)

FINAL BOOK SIZE 81/2”by51/2”–deadline summer2010

For more info contact bookshandmade@yahoo.ca

OR click here for more details

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