Monday, July 20, 2009

Helene Lacelle at Urban Art show/sale, Ottawa's Minto Park

I woke up Saturday at 6a.m. getting ready to set up for the art show/sale at Minto Park on Elgin Street to pouring rain. Most artists showed up by 9a.m. The rain slowly ended over the morning . The rain did stop but weird dark clouds hovered above to be quickly
replaced by beautiful blue sky. Then black skies again. Ok enough about the weather already, the day turned out to be fun. Unfortunately, Elgin Street is not a great area for an outdoor art show. Seems few buyers show up; sales were modest but good to chat with the other crafters and artists and catch up on their art activities. Many thanks to Tim and Katie for trying to make a go of it. Here I am admiring Peter's mushrooms! Peter still having cancer issues thus, will not be hosting his August Writer's Gathering

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