Saturday, August 1, 2009


MAIL ART GALORE @ TIMOTHY's Cafe in Sandy Hill on Laurier

MAIL ART GALORE All welcome to view MAIL ART GALORE - The gallery of MAIL ART showing 01August to end of month at TIMOTHY's Cafe, 234 Laurier East in Sandy Hill all day every day. MAIL ART is something relatively new to the art scene and the first time the community can view this novel art form. It is Global in scope and ideas that represent the world of artist and art - sent via Snail Mail around the world. Each piece is original and unique represent the artist and their special culture. Come on down see for urself. Contact: Helene Lacelle aka Neon Matisse or Peter Evanchuck at bookshandmade@yahoo.ca

My digital composites of vintage images with my folk art paintings fill up the front walls.

Part 2 of my all summer long show at Timothy's Cafe/Gallery went up this morning with the help of my curator pal Maria von Finckenstein. My resin collages and mosaics cover the north and south walls on the Cafe.

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