Wednesday, January 1, 2014

workingCOVER for book on a colleciton of Sir Charles GD ROBERTS' animal stories - the father of them all ( along with Ernest Thompson SETON they humanized animals )

This project was started last year when we travelled documenting his birthplace in Douglas NB to the Tantramar Marsh where his father a clergyman home schooled him and where he infused his life with nature in the surrounding marshlands and his mind with his classical studies - both created in him an amazing sense of how human animals are how spiritual nature can be to Fredericton where he lived on George Street while attending UNB and where his poetic nature and determination would soon make him the 'Father of Canadian Literature' but his animal stories placed him in such popularity among his audience that he became known as the creator of the 'human animal' - animals that are not barbaric but sensitive surviving and thinking like we humans and striving to understand the world in which they lived ...

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