Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Group Show Gallery 101 - cREATE tHIS rEVOLUTION

The Idle No More movement is about Indigenous rights, the immediacy of social media and sharing “a vision of bringing together all people to ensure we create ways of protecting Mother Earth, her lands, waters and people,” (From the INM Web site).
At Gallery 101, we have been greatly inspired and moved by the Idle No More movement. Artist run centres began because artists needed spaces where they could question the status quo artistically, politically, socially, and culturally. 30 years later, we must ask ourselves have we become another in a long line of artistic institutions? How can we become more accessible and vibrant? One answer from Gallery 101 is the “flash mob art show”, Create This Revolution.
Eighteen artists have been selected by our jury panel: Howard Adler; Jaime Koebel, Laura Margita and Heather Wiggs.
artist statement: Helene Lacelle
Since the ban of sale and use of cosmetic pesticides  came into effect in Ottawa in 2009, the number of migratory songbirds returning to the area has gone into sharp incline. 
Adored for their golden color, graceful flight and enchanting song, the Goldfinch has returned to my backyard and in my heart. Right-on Ottawa!
  • Howard Adler
  • Marc Adornato
  • Pansee Atta
  • Priti Cox
  • Alan Harrington
  • Kaylene Kelly
  • Helene Lacelle
  • Emmanuel Laflamme
  • Juliana McDonald
  • Rehab Nazzal
  • Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen
  • Ben Powless
  • Mana Rouholamini
  • Svetlana Swinimer
  • Jeffrey Thomas
  • Laura Leah Traverse
  • Lori Victor
  • Adam Void

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