Friday, February 22, 2008

GNAT BEGAT comments

What buyers say about 'GNAT BEGAT'
'Looked at Gnat begat, I like it. Reads like a collaboration between Dr. Seuss and W. Burroughs.' Dan K. Fredericton, Canada
'She's a little beauty well made fun.' Chris S. Arnprior, Canada
"A delightful tale, a parable for the ages." George G. Ottawa, Canada
"Thoroughly entertaining..I smiled and chuckled from cover to cover!" Terry C. Ottawa, Canada.
'Congrats, pretty, charming little book' - Pietro M. Ottawa, Canada
'Totally unique little book..very pleased, nicely presented' - Barb B. Vancouver, Canada
'For all those of you considering self publishing, check out this beauty. This is an example of collaborations at their most fun.' Dave H. Toronto, Canada
'Awesome, great wonderful little book.' ALex F. London, England
'For all ages, beautifully made and presented.' Bruce M. Halifax, Canada
'Cute, charming welll made book.' Margaret L. Calgary, Canada.
'Delicious and lovely.' Cythia K. San Francisco, USA
'Beautiful look and feel, very professional hand made book.' Moses S. Toronto, Canada
'We love this little book so much, so special.' Carrie B. Atlanta, USA.
'So pretty this neat little books, great illustrations and fun.' Beth T. New York, USA.
'Read it to my kids, they enjoyed the illustrations and laughed.' Dan K. Barcelona, Spain
'so beautiful like all your art, amazing.' Yvette P. Sarasota, USA

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